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About US

Welding of friendship in the 21st century!

Company Profile
Beijing Xiawang Science and Technology Co., Ltd. with modern science and technology, which experts in internet services and has determined to build 1st-class service platform in the field of welding, metal, electrical and mechanical equipment, optical information.

Under the principles of " Be honest, trustful, helpful with each other, Sharing cooperation, Win-win", based in Beijing, and look ahead to the future, company has helped some enterprises to build websites and do promotions in order to obtain bigger market.

We have been forging brand since 2001: Welding in the 21st Century - China Welding Equipment Network (www.perrybond.com) and offline publications supporting "Network Express" magazine.

Welding in the 21st century - China Welding Equipment Network, is the professional web portals registered under the authorization of Chinese government, it provides information internet services based on the platform of International Internet. Combined with "21st Century Network welding Express" magazine under the net for the media publicity, both complemented with each other, and reach a good result of effectively utilizing resources in the industry, for building a system of professional member service system to help domestic and international welding, metal, electrical and mechanical and other enterprises in the information age, in order to grasp the information and understand the market needs, to constantly take the initiative in a competitive advantage .

Development Status
At present, we already have had a number of excellent manufacturers and industry vendors, and has established long-term relationship, even with thousands of industry members of end-users; Distribution centers across the country have also been formed, with the advantages of complete various products, good quality assurance, service area cities and regions throughout the country, high praise of service quality, the product trading and after-sales service are undertaken by our local members like manufacturers or distributors.

In 2010, "Welding in the 21st Century," with many years of network marketing experience and extensive customer resources system, relying on "Network Express" magazine and the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce and other platforms, it has established the Shanghai Lianyun Co., Ltd., which will use e-commerce to integrate a wide range of industry vendors in line with industry practice to create a modern new channel system.

Development goals
Under the spirit of "mutual benefit and cooperation" principle, 21st Welding company has founded some trading bases via the modern internet and according to the realities, in the joint efforts of colleagues in the industry, which exert a great effects on promoting development healthy and systematically in its industries.

Ongoing projects
Shanghai Lianyun Technology Co., Ltd., was founded under the inverstment from China's 21st Century Network and its venture partners, it's a new alliance cooperation type enterprise with open cooperation structure style, also is a cluster platform for enterprise collaboration operations.

Lian-yun's mission: based on the welding industry, and gradually build channels for modern hardware and electromechanical industry, better service for partners of welding in the 21st century.

Lian-yun do not manufacture, as the welding field does not lack of manufacturing enterprises, on the contrary, these manufacturing enterprises will be Lian-yun's working friends.

Lian-yun do not sell products to direct users, will not invade the current vendors' market, so, those vendors may become friends of Lian-yun.

Lian-yun operation model: e-commerce as a means of sharing resources, to achieve Group procurement.

Lian-yun based on the actual operation of the cloud, and constantly improve themselves and recruit more capable people, and gradually gather the elites from all regions and work together to build a great cause.

Member Services
For the current situation of slow release of requiring and supplying information, high cost of advertising, information channels and narrow coverage status, our website has dedicated to open Member Service system, please refer to "Member Services Guide"


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